Toronto Blue Jays

2016 Season

Standard Positions:

  • Full Page: $27,000 net
  • Half Page: $14,000 net
  • Quarter Page: $7,000 net

Special Positions:

  • Scorecard/Lineup: $60,000 net
  • Outside Back Cover: $50,000 net
  • Inside Covers: $33,000 net
  • Editorial Feature: $30,000 net
  • Roster: $30,000 net

  • Single issue, full page rate is $9,500 net

Full page, full season advertisers will receive:

  • One (1) date in Core Media's Rogers Centre suite for a Blue Jays game.
  • Includes 18 tickets and a hostess.

ALCS/World Series

Clients who purchase an ad for the full regular season will receive any Wild Card and ALDS games as a bonus. We are offering clients the option to add the 2016 Blue Jays ALCS and World Series playoffs games to their regular season buy on a first-come, first-served basis (limited to 16 advertisers). Add $12,000 on to the regular season rate ($4,000 for ALCS and $8,000 for World Series). Clients only pay for the series the Blue Jays play. If the team fails to qualify for the post-season, client will have the option for a refund or use the playoff fee as a Core Media credit.