Client FTP

Please Note: It is very important that you contact your Core representative and inform them once you have uploaded files.

Before disconnecting or quitting your FTP client, please ensure that your file transfer has been completed.

We also strongly recommend that you compress your files using PKZip (on the PC) or StuffIt (on the Mac) before sending them to us, in order to maintain file integrity and reduce transfer time.

How to access our FTP Server:


  1. Identify and copy the subdomain associated with the team for which you wish to upload advertisements from the below list
    • Toronto Blue Jays:
    • Toronto Maple Leafs:
    • Toronto Raptors:
  2. Open a new connection in the FTP client of your choice (ex. Transmit, Fetch, Cyberduck, Filezilla, etc). Enter the correct subdomain as Server, leave Username and Password blank
  3. Once connected, you will see a folder named “incoming”, enter the folder
  4. Once inside the folder, you may begin uploading your files. You will not be able to see the contents of this folder.
  5. Depending on the FTP client being used, you may see files you have just uploaded, but they will become invisible to you once you refresh or leave the folder.
  6. Please notify your contact at Core Media, by phone or email to inform them once you have uploaded material to the server